April 05, 2007

Makeshift Saddlebag For Vulcan 500

Here's a cheap, makeshift saddlebag (a.k.a. plain old messenger-type book bag) that is very simply secured to one side of the cruiser end. So far, it's stayed put throughout a 10-minute highway test ride.



In the video below, you can see that the bag is securely held in place simply by leading the bag's leather strap through a circuitous path about various fixed structures on the bike.

Download My Bag Video (11 MB MOV/Quicktime)

Now the bike is (hopefully) ready for service in the noble pursuit of hunting and gathering -- i.e. trips to and from sandwich shops, burger joints, ice-cream crusades, etc.

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July 03, 2006

Drift Session at Sean's and Aaron's, take #1, and Night Drift #1

Here's some footage taken from my handheld camera. Enjoy.

(C) 2006 Aaron Young

(C) 2006 Aaron Young

Right-click here to save the vid -- (Quicktime MOV, 34 MB, 3:39 duration, 16:9 aspect ratio)

Check out some sweet sidewalk 'sweeping' at night:


Right-click here to save the vid -- (WMV, 24 MB, 2:19 duration, 16:9 aspect ratio)

Random on-board footage -- RC18 Buggy, airborne in 12 seconds:


Download the video

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July 01, 2006

Nissan 180SX Photos (R/C car)


Link to the photo gallery.

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June 26, 2006

Welcome to Will's Kitchen: Sweeping with an S13

How do you take the boredom out of sweeping your floors? Kick it up a notch (figuratively speaking) with an S13. (drift tires and paint job by yours truly)


See the vid. It's fun.

Download S13_ksm -- smaller, lower quality (8 MB, 2:10, 551 kbps, 856x480, 16:9 aspect ratio)

Download S13_kbg -- larger, better quality (21 MB, 2:10, 1550 kbps, 856x480, 16:9 aspect ratio)

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