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December 12, 2007

Blade CX2 Helicopter with Minicam and Home-Made Projectile Launcher

Two videos and several pictures of the heli's belly:




Download first video (7.6 megs, WMV)

Download second video, lower quality (8 megs, WMV)

Download second video, higher quality (17 megs, WMV)

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December 09, 2007

Radio Control Helicopter On-board Footage

Two brief videos. Blade CX2. Microcam.


Right-click and Save the 4.5 MB WMV video #1

Right-click and Save the 7.4 MB WVM video #2

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December 03, 2007

Hustle and Go - Rap Song #1

My first rap song. It bites, but whatever. Got to start somewhere.

I cut-and-pasted a few pre-made background loops from GarageBand so that I didn't have to actually play any real instruments. Then, I recorded two separate vocal tracks. And there you have it. An exercise in the ridiculous.

Right-Click and select Save As to download Hustle and Go (1.7 MB MP3)


Download Hustle and Go (700kb in .m4a format)

cartoon rapper.jpg


Hustle and Go

Hey, Yo
Respect your Master, the real O.G.
You'd best decipher my rhymes,
if you want to hang with me,
You'd better burn my moves smack, damn, into the back of yo' eyes,
like a frequent flyer,
Out on the street.

Oh, y'all's about to see, the playa
Hustle and go,
Oh, yall's about to see me now,
Who-the-man, ya know?

Nobody but the PoPo gonna bring my spirits low,
And even if it comes to that, that's where you can save my soul
How's that, you might be asking?
Well, all you have to do is -- check it -- hear my lyrics, yo!

Ain't nobody ever gonna catch me,
I'm a playa -- hustle and go!
Ain't nobody gonna 'rass me,
I'm the shiznit with mistletoe!

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