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May 31, 2006

Into Pieces

Into Pieces (take 4)
2:56 (min:sec)
by: William Wang
6/02/06 4:19 AM
(slightly-revised version uploaded on 6/18/06)

Download Into Pieces.mp3 (3.5 MB)

*Into Pieces*
(music and lyrics by William Wang)

I tried to understand,
But you let me fall to pieces.

I thought I was myself with you;
Instead, we were two,
Lost in different seas.

I wanted so much to be with you there,
On the Great Pacific -- that peaceful sea,
But I think you'd rather be
Out on the Atlantic
Fighting an angry sea.

I tried to understand,
But you let me fall to pieces.

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May 24, 2006

Skipping Spheres Over Water

This dude and I,
We had a bet,
To find the fate
Of a speedy sphere --

Black ball, No. 8,
When shot near straight,
By water would you die
A drowning paperweight,
Or would you skip to the sky?


Want to know more? Watch the video:

Download Skipping2_0003.wmv (1 MB)

Another video, different viewing angle:

Download SkippingSpheresOverWater_small.wmv (3 MB)

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May 13, 2006

"Overworked American" by Will Wang

Listen to / Download Overworked American.mp3 (3.9 MB)

Will Wang - Overworked American

Dear Overworked American:
Must you work on through the night again?

Haven't illness and suffering
Left you wondering:
How did my sickness begin?

While the moon glows quietly,
You wake up and you're wondering:
What more can I do?

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May 11, 2006

"Goods" by Matters of State -- redone by WSW

Will Wang - Goods_v2 by Matters of State (2.5 MB)

Goods (All In Your Head)

This is the story with the fantastic lies
Or some facts to help us minimalize
As for this shelter I can plainly deny
But you can't kill time without injuring us

And we'll count up all the goods now

This is the girl with such fantastic eyes
Such brute creation to but lay up beside
Should cut our nails and wash up our feet
And enjoy the tedium that's yet been untried by me

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