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March 21, 2005

J Down

“J. Down”

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Music and Lyrics by William Wang

Kick it!
J. Down!
To Have And To Be
Perhaps you’ve seen it,
Not the song, but the foreign movie.
You know what I thought?
Hey, that’s freakin’ sweet.
So it got me thinking about,
You know — this girl — J.
At first I thought, dude, that smile,
I’d dream, dude, she’s with me.
But then I planned to call and say,
Yo, check out this movie. 
It reminds me of you, the coolest teacher that be.
Before she got “hello, it’s me,”
She hung up — Click! —
Doh!  How it is, I see.
So here’s to J., you femme prick.
I hope you like this lick I wrote
Of how you make me sick.
Oh, J. Down!  Yeah, down with J.!

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